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Open a WSS Trading Account Guidance

To make securities transactions in Wall Street Securities (WSS), you need to open a trading account at the company.

According to regulations, each investor could only open an account at a securities company. To open account at WSS, please follow these steps:

+  Get the form at the counter, including: 01 Application for opening account, 02 Contracts for opening account, Authorization paper (if any); 02 Transaction over the phone registration forms.

+  When you open securities transaction contract, you need to prepare the following documents:

   - For individual customers: ID card or passport

   - For institutioncustomers:

    . Notarized copies of Establishment license and operating certificates,

    . Copies of ID card and Appointment decision of account owner (with the seal of the institution),

    . ID card and Authorization paper of transaction representative (if any).

After opening accounts, WSS will give customers:

+  Transaction Card with account code; 02 transaction accounts: Cash account and Securities depository account.

+  Transaction guideline in WSS. Explaining the wonders of customers.

+  Instructions how to write buy order / sell order / modification order / cancel order.

+  Information about listed companies in HOSE and HASTC.

+  Instructions how to open Cash account for securities transactions.

In case customers have securities depository accounts in other members and want to open transaction accounts in WSS:

 + If there is principle agreement on executing securities depository, registration, clearing payment between WSS and that member, dealer will open transaction accounts for customers with above process.

+ If there is not agreement, dealer will open no accounts for clients and suggest customers executing one of measures: (i) opening account at other securities company has agreement with that member; (ii) closing account at that member and opening a new one at WSS; (iii) waiting to open account at WSS after WSS signs agreement with that member.

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