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  05/04/2011    02h56    HOSE  BIC: BIC approved in principle to list stock
  04/04/2011    03h31    HOSE  DRC: Personnel Change
  04/04/2011    03h31    HOSE  KHP: Personnel change
  04/04/2011    03h30    HOSE  DRC: Resolution of the Board of Directors
  04/04/2011    03h30    HOSE  VKP: Personnel change
  04/04/2011    03h28    HOSE  PGD: Announcement of listing & trading additional shares
  04/04/2011    03h06    HOSE  VNM: Announcement of listing & trading additional shares
  04/04/2011    03h05    HOSE  VNG: Receiving a certificate for an additional issuance of stock
  04/04/2011    03h02    HOSE  VST: Personnel change
  01/04/2011    09h41    HNX  VCC: Official Admission of additional listing
  01/04/2011    09h40    HNX  VIE: Official Admission of listing
  01/04/2011    09h38    HNX  SD3: First trading day of additional
  01/04/2011    09h29    HOSE  HDG: Resolution on a bonus share issuance
  01/04/2011    09h27    HOSE  VSC: VSC sells Green Star 01
  01/04/2011    09h27    HOSE  VIC: Vincom completes a share transfer
  01/04/2011    09h26    HOSE  ANV: Personnel change
  01/04/2011    09h25    HOSE  DVD: Personnel change
  01/04/2011    09h25    HOSE  KDC: Appointment of Deputy CEO
  01/04/2011    09h24    HOSE  PDR: Appointment of Deputy CEO
  01/04/2011    09h23    HOSE  APC: Announcement on share buyback
  01/04/2011    09h22    HOSE  KMR: Notice of selling treasury stock
  01/04/2011    09h22    HOSE  CII: Violation of information disclosure of an inside shareholder
  01/04/2011    09h21    HOSE  MHC: Violation of information disclosure of an inside trading
  01/04/2011    09h19    HOSE  KMR: Resolution on selling treasury stock
  01/04/2011    09h18    HOSE  PGD: Decision on additional listing
  30/03/2011    04h43    HOSE  RIC: RIC’s Chairman passes away
  30/03/2011    04h38    HOSE  MAFPF1: NAV from 17 Mar 2011 to 24 Mar 2011
  30/03/2011    04h37    HOSE  PRUBF1: NAV from 17 Mar 2011 to 24 Mar 2011
  30/03/2011    04h36    HOSE  VFMVF1: NAV from 17 Mar 2011 to 24 Mar 2011
  30/03/2011    04h34    HOSE  VFMVFA: NAV from 17 Mar 2011 to 24 Mar 2011
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